About Us


Premier Distributor of Tea Leaves

Established in 1990, Thaitee Tea Merchant Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s premier distributor of high-quality tea leaves. Our headquarters is situated in Klang, Selangor. As a tea industry pioneer, we advocate a healthy lifestyle and aspire to achieve a healthy society.

We are constantly making refinements and improvements to satisfy the market demand for high-quality teas. Under the careful management and supervision of our tea master Zheng Ching Chi, varieties of premium are produced.

Since its inception, the superior quality of Thaitee Tea Merchant’s product has won acclaim both locally and internationally. Our strict quality management and production process ensure that our teas are of the highest quality. Since 1995 until now, Thaitee Tea Merchant has won numerous awards in both domestic and international competitions in China with its signature teas.

Today, Thaitee Tea Merchant has established itself as Malaysia’s market leader and expert in halal oolong tea; it is also influencing current and future trends in tea culture.


Our product series includes an extensive range of teas, catering to every tea enthusiast’s preference. From delicate green tea to black tea, we have something for everyone. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of packing varieties, allowing our customers to choose their preferred packaging for the teas they love. Our tea accessories complement the tea-drinking experience, making it even more enjoyable.

Market Coverage

A well-planned product which could cater to various market, needs and preferences.


We offer series of tea products with different features, sizes and functionalities. Giving you the ability to choose the product that best suits your needs.


We curate vast selection of premium teas, ensuring you to experience unique flavours and aromas from different origins.

Variety and Quality

Importing tea leaves allows Thaitee Tea Merchant to share diverse range of tea with qualities that might not be locally available.

Meeting Demand

Malaysia has a high tea consumption but moderate tea cultivation. Thus, importing tea leaves could help meet the rising domestic demand.


Our repacking services enable us to customize packaging according to specific requirements and customs design, ensuring your teas arrive in perfect condition, ready for retail or distribution.


We repackage our teas to achieve a more visually appealing, convenient, aligned with current trend while catching the interest of each tea drinker.

Branding Refresh

Repackaging allows our customers to update and establish their visual identity, aligning it with their brand identity.


Our packaging helps your teas stand out on store shelves, differentiate them from other products while creating a unique presence.

Seasonal or Limited Editions

We repackage for special editions e.g. festive seasons or events, helping you enjoy and share teas with deeper connections with your loved ones.


We provide comprehensive OEM services, guiding our clients through the entire process; from selecting teas to designing packaging and producing the finished goods.

Focus on Core Competencies

Our customer can concentrate on their core competencies, while leaving the OEM process to us.

Time Efficiency

You can speed up your time-to-market pace as we are at your service for your product development and manufacturing process.


We provide tailor-made corporate events and workshop training sessions, designed to engage and educate participants on the fascination world of tea.

Corporate Event

At Thaitee Tea Merchant, we would also organize corporate events; ranging from tea training for our customers’ staff, tea sharing session and tea appreciation for any group in need.

Skill Enhancement

We provide workshop training for our customers to gain practical knowledge about tea varieties, brewing techniques and etiquette to enhance their expertise.

Product Knowledge

Our training workshops could help educate employees about the different types of teas the company offers, enabling them to provide better customer service.


Make your celebrations even more special with our custom gift set. Whether it is festive occasions or anniversaries, our tea-based gifts are thoughtful and unique. We will assist you in curating the perfect gift sets that suit your preferences and budget.

One Tea, Many Occasions

Our customized tea gifts are versatile and suitable not only for corporate events, but festive seasons, weddings, birthdays and so much more.

Personalized Packaging

Teas that Thaitee Tea Merchant pack in customized boxes or containers will add extra touch of elegance and uniqueness to the gift.


At Thaitee Tea Merchant, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. We provide after-sale services, including training on tea preparation, storage, and handling as well as serving. Our tea experts are always available to share their knowledge and ensure you get the most out of your tea experience.

Customer Support

We provide after-sale services for our customers to voice out any inquiries, assistance and problem related to their tea purchase.

Feedback Collection

Our after-sale interactions provide opportunities to gather feedback about our product, packaging and overall experience.